Pieces Of Thought

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"Pieces Of Thought" (125 BPM) is one of the most complex pieces I have ever produced, and was assembled almost entirely out of samples. It begins with a manipulated guitar, "guitar.clean.harmonics.01" by dobroide, then dips into a warped sample of a song I made but never titled. This song contained the samples "Dramatic Pad 4" by jobro, "91elfy20" by pushtobreak, "301D" by casualdave, "78bpm madcrew" by nikolat, and a sample of "Lies" by Trifonic for good measure.

That's the first 30 seconds of the song.

Beyond that, I put in a direct sample of an unreleased mix of "Transgenic" by Trifonic I'd been working on. This mix contained, amongst other things, a vocal pad I made from "New Blues Jeans" by The Hexyl Circle, "Loop01-01" by Zajo, "bite" by Heigh-hoo, "cymb crashlite" by mattlohkamp, "linn tom 3" by NoiseCollector, and "static bird", "suction shock hit", "bird 1", "rock in a soda can", "chain link fence abuse" and "piano bat flys away" by batchku.


The samples in the song itself are "Suck Slush 2" by hello flowers, "Marching drum 02" by LG, "udarach 100bpm" by nikolat, "hhat open-close3" by mattlohkamp, "aa017 Sabian AAX crash 16 edge normal" and "aa018 Sabian AAX crash 16 edge strong" by Robinhood76, "water05" by junggle, and two hard boiled eggs. Oh, and a direct sample of "Influence" from 500 paragraphs ago. And another sample of "Dreams Float" from two paragraphs ahead.


from Windows Into Moments, released September 28, 2009




The Spark That Thought Urbana, Illinois

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