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"Passing Things" (110 BPM, descends to 20 at the end) came about as the child of a song I had been working on during the summer of 2009, which was itself based on an interlude that had been sitting on my hard drive for months. I liked the song, but when I started revising it I realized that it had very little I really loved. So I took it, and molded it into the intro for the album. There had been a few intros already, but I ended up scrapping them. They felt like filler. I did not love them. The (reversed) guitar was played by my brother, twice to get the chorus effect heard in the last few minutes of the song. It ended up as the foundation on which I built everything else in the song. There's also a pad that doubles the bass during most of the song that I built from a sample, "tk 11 prep guit 1f" by ERH.


from Windows Into Moments, released September 28, 2009




The Spark That Thought Urbana, Illinois

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