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"Influence" (90 BPM) was one of the last tracks I wrote for the album. This song came into existence while I was playing around with some vocals by State Shirt from his song "Up Up Up Up Up." This was a frustrating song for me, because I had been trying to remix it for months and always ended up putting it back on the shelf with no progress made. One day, for some reason, I took a small snippet of his singing, looped it, crossfaded it, dropped it three octaves, dubbed some vinyl noise onto it ("BeatExciterNoise" by zeuss) and made a pad. This is the sound you hear at the very start of "Influence," and it plays throughout the entire song as well as coming in at higher octaves occasionally.

After starting the song, I pushed in another track I'd been bouncing my head off for a while: "Fake It" by Brad Sucks. The acoustic guitar from his song runs throughout nearly the entire track. It's been dropped four semitones and run through some flanging and reverb, but otherwise it is remarkably unprocessed.

Then, I took a loop of my brother playing the guitar and made something strange. And then I gave Lady a bone. And then I added a hip-hop beat, and the rest is history.

Other samples in the track are "JacobsLadderLong2" by Halleck, "CoolBD_09" by ORBITALDJ, "oldskoolish_90bpm" and "hunter_90bpm" and "diztheeng_99bpm" by nikolat, "user56891b Natural clochette suonho re-work 03" by suonho and "loop35" by Zajo.


from Windows Into Moments, released September 28, 2009




The Spark That Thought Urbana, Illinois

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