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"Dreams Float" (64 BPM) is the oldest song that made it onto the final album, and it's probably my favorite. The sample it is based around, "choral strings sbhnmr b2 11" by ERH, ended up becoming the two chord theme for the entire album, and with good reason. It's a beautiful sample. I've heavily processed it, dubbed some vinyl noise over it and looped it. There are also a lot of send effects that are applied at various points in the track. Through this song, ERH's sample appears on almost half the album. Other samples are "Shaker1" by marvman, "Pad 007 - Space Violin - G3" and "Pad 007 - Space Violin - D4" by Jovica, "Cheer" by acclivity, "bite" by Heigh-hoo, "cymb_crashlite" by mattlohkamp and "jungle_beat_1" by ronlybonly.


from Windows Into Moments, released September 28, 2009




The Spark That Thought Urbana, Illinois

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